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2 pawnshop in different areas of the city

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2 pawnshop in different areas of the city


Sale of draft beer store in South Butovo. It located in a new residential sector, working for almost 2 years. The total area of ​​
For safety and transparency, the transaction will hold the company Altera Invest. Gathering information about the legal entity and the site is included for free. The reason for selling a business: Do not have enough working capital for sale two pawn shops in different parts of the city is one pawnshop metro station Avtovo. Separate entrance from the street, on the first line of houses, designated the signboard. Nearby are many shops that provides a high traffic. Area pawn shop is 14 meters, the rental rate of 25,000 rubles. Here, the cash flow is due to the turnover of gold and jewelry. Second pawnshop located in the Seaside area. Near many mnogokvartinyh houses, that also generates high traffic. Area 36 sq.m. at the rental rate of 49000 rubles. At this point, customers often bring a variety of techniques. Gold and jewelery are also accepted, but their percentage of the total turnover of slightly less. The total average monthly turnover on the two points is 600-800 thousand rubles, which allows to obtain a net profit of $ 120-130 thousand. If sufficient investment from the owner, which will allow to buy cars, the profit figures will increase significantly. The value of the business includes a trade balance in the amount of 800 thousand rubles. The reason for selling - lack of working capital from the owner in connection with the release of the business partner. Possible sale of a pawnshop. For more information on the phone. Call us! Profit: 130 000 rub. / Month Payback: 20 months Average Monthly Turnover: 700 000 rub. / Month The average monthly cost: 580 000 rubles. / Month Number of Employees: 4 List of staff: At each point of the work in shifts 2 employees Foundation c / n: 75 000 rubles. / Month. Floor area: 36 m2 Information Landlord: Natural person For more information about rooms: 2 Rooms: 14 sq.m. at the rental rate of 25,000 rubles and 36 sq.m. with renting 49000 RUR Rental price 49 000 rubles. / Month. Intangible assets: Regular customers the means of production: Trade equipment Trade balance in the amount of 800 000 Age of business: 2 Legal form: Company Share: 100 documents and licenses: on request.


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