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2 operating jewelry shop

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2 operating jewelry shop


Wholesale and retail company, in order to further scaling through partners, sells 50% stake in the businesses - a network of retai
Sold 2 existing stores. Profile: Retail jewelry. The first store (№1) area of ​​45 sq.m. It works with the 12.10.2015 and is located in the Krasnoselsky rayone.Vtoroy store (№2) area of ​​48 sq.m. 07/15/2016 works with is located in the Moscow region. Stores operate under the registered trade markoy.Dizaynerskoe decoration stores, high-quality new business equipment, modern LED lighting, video surveillance, counters at the entrance, anxious knopki.Harakteristiki operating business: Operating parameters: -ukomplektovan staff professionally trained salespeople (4 on each Seller point, the average length of service in the company more than 1 year) - a complete package of documents and tolerances for operating activities, -actions lease with shopping complexes and a fixed rental rate up to August 2018, economic indicators: average monthly turnover for 2016: 1.525 million rubles. magazinSrednemesyachny on turnover for the first 9 months of 2017: 1.375 million rubles. to store (on year performance at the level of 2016) Average monthly net income: 1.5 million rubles. the store in the first year of commodity assets: Shop №1: 19345916, 08 r.- 15,919 433.0 p. redeemed tovar- 3 426 482.97 p. the goods on realization, Shop №2: 16 315 838.22 p. - 14 539 178.19 p. redeemed goods - 1776 660.03 p. the goods on sale of material assets: Shop №1: Showcases 85 * 50 - 12 sht.Magazin №2: Showcases 85 * 50 - 11 sht.Varianty Sale of Business: 1.magaziny equipment without cash balances (2 500 000 for the shop. ) 2.magaziny equipment including trade balances (2,500,000 p.


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