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2 coffee shops on stopping complexes like Dime

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2 coffee shops on stopping complexes like Dime


Selling the base for the sale of lumber in Vityazevo in pereezda.4,3 weave in sobstvennosti.otsypan, fenced, there are cabins, sun
Coffee with a very sought-after commodity in our fleeting time. Our outlets are equipped with all the necessary equipment to provide the most refined vkus.Ostanovochnye new complexes, are leased. The similarity Dime Coffee. Address: 77 School 13. Permeability is good, since it is public transport stops are equipped with necessary furniture and equipment!. The company is certified according to the program of voluntary certification. State fully staffed by professional baristas .Brendovannye aprons, cups and so on. N. The coffee machine in the lease, I see no reason to buy three hundred thousand new. Equipment for point: Refrigerators CandyTorgovye showcases Corbima bxcv 1.0Split sistemyKofe mashinyKofemolkiDorogie light boxes in accordance with the requirements setiTovarnyh reserves will last for about a month fruitful work. The company operates under the franchise of the federal network, so the license agreement is reissued to the buyer, it is possible to abandon the franchise, but will have to bear the cost of re-branding. Established contacts with suppliers. Come and play. Sale due to the inability to run a business from another kraya.Torg minimum price, and so reduced !!! Exchange for cars


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