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2 Czech business and 4 apartments, a hotel site

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2 Czech business and 4 apartments, a hotel site


Business 17 - 4 apartments and land for hotel ChehiyaBez intermediaries from Carlsbad sold the business to him in the presence of
Business 17 - 4 apartments and land for hotel ChehiyaBez intermediaries from Carlsbad sold the business to him in the presence of 4 apartments and land. Used for long-term and short-term lease. For this there is a license for renting out to tourists, the provision of mediation services, trade license, etc. All licenses and property of the company, with the possession of which you can move to live and work in the Czech Republic. Karlovy Vary are in close proximity to Germany, allowing all year to have completed apartments (more than 5 million Russian-speaking people), to develop their business as well, and in Germany, if desired. 30 minutes by car to Germany and GDR.Esli you buy a shop, restaurant, hotel, gas station and t.d- permit you do not get. According to the rules will have to contain a certain number of employees at their own expense and only after two years, after paying them all salaries and taxes, showing the report, request a residence permit. By that time, the Czech ... Total business 4 different apartments (both for daily and for long-term lease). To expand the complex has the land to build more complex with apartments / flats. Build and get the 4 existing apartments + 12 apartments can be built in the house or apartment available 4 and 4 rzhadovyh home. If no money now to build, after moving to the Czech Republic and the creation of a good work history for the loan business under your leadership, will take a loan at low interest for the construction on the site. Or you make yourself a big salary from the firm and will take credit for physical person. In my proposal, after a year of life in the Czech Republic, you can get two credits for business and loans for physical person, depending on how much the adults moved. While not build a house, 3 km.kvartira 110 meters will be a convenient place for your own prozhivaniya.Nalichie 17 years running a business it allows you to get a residence permit, permanent residence, grazhdanstvo.Mozhete then activate the license for auto repair and wholesale trade, agency nedvizhZatraty on the content of the entire property (all apartments and plot), accountant, taxes for the property for today only 400 euros per month. The 4 apartments sleeping up to 34 people (adults and children) - a family with German travel postoyanno.Stoimost rent for one day with 4 apartments for rent to tourists - from 410 to 600 euros. Companies from Germany often rent all the apartments optomDopolnitelnye services (souvenirs, trips to castles and breweries) - will bring more income upon arrival in the apartment rental business kompaniy.Dlya on the site profitable to build a house with a 9-12 kvartirami.Dlya implementation and capital turnover, build a 3-4 ordinary doma.Dlya yourself - just dom.Dlya tour business - a complex of apartments with baney.Otlichnaya medicine, a European education for children, good ecology, safety seme.Poka not have to prove the origin of your funds received for the 10 years prior to the acquisition of business, in the design of my proposal. No need to pay the tax of 4% on summy.1 200 000 euros (payment in CZK and EUR) 5 days registratsiya.Pishite now!


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