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Profitable pharmacy. Lobnya

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Profitable pharmacy. Lobnya


For sale operating shop shokolada.Pomeschenie 17 sqm leased by the owner (jur. Person), is a new, rapidly developing the mall. . R
Sale of ready biznesaAptechny point Lobnya _______________________ Features: • Pharmacy located in a residential array Moscow region Lobnya city, 15 minutes walk from the train / railway station Lobnya, on the first floor of the shopping center. . The first line of houses • Infrastructure: in the shopping center supermarket network, a variety of shops and a beauty salon, located near the park, pedestrian crossing and a public transport stop, medical facilities, schools and kindergartens. The lively pedestrian traffic. • Pharmacy equipped with furniture and all the necessary commercial and refrigeration equipment. In the presence of: advanced software, telephone and internet, cash register, burglar and fire alarm systems, outdoor advertising:. Banner and led the cross • There is a possibility to enter into a long-term lease. • During its existence the pharmacy purchased a large number of regular customers, for whom flexible Discount system is designed. It issued more than 500 discount cards with discounts up to 10%, and a variety of events are held. . Permeability of more than 85 people per day • Low-consuming part of the Pharmacy: low rents, burglar and fire alarms, utility expenses paid shopping center • Additional income:. Marketing - 5% of turnover .________________________________________________________ space structure: a trading floor (20 m2) financial room, administrative buildings, the total trade sanuzel.Forma: zakrytaya.Kategoriya: pharmacy punkt.Prichina sale: change of scope .________________________________________________________ total area of ​​30.1 m2Arendnaya with tavka34 700 p. Date otkrytiyaIyul 2015 g.Sredny check r.Torgovaya natsenka22 350% Turnover rubles. / Mes.920 000. Average income: 80 000


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