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Fast-store sports nutrition

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Fast-store sports nutrition


For safety and transparency, the transaction will hold the company Altera Invest. Gathering information about the legal entity and
Sale of sports nutrition store, located in a densely populated residential area in walking distance from the metro Altufyevo. Thanks to good location, wide range of products, the popularity of healthy lifestyle direction and a lack of competition in the area and a half years of work the store bought a large number of regular customers, bringing a high and stable monthly income, regardless of the season. An important factor in the profitability of the business is that close to the store is a fitness club, which signed an agreement on mutual cooperation - customer testimonials store club and stores - a fitness club. Another source of profit and promote the store is its site and pages on social networks VK and Instagram, the number of subscribers which is more than 5000 people live subscribers. Premises sales area is 30 sq.m. storage room - 10 kv.m.MESTOPOLOZhENIE BUSINESS City: Moscow Area: Northeast Metro AO: AltufevoOSNOVNYE PARAMETERS Age Business Business 1.5, the organizational-legal form: FE Share in business: 100% of the profits Confirmation: 1C, bank vypiskiINFORMATsIYa on premises Area: 40 m2 ownership Rights: Rent Rental price: 75 000 RUB Terms & Conditions: DolgosrochnayaINFORMATsIYa sTAFF Number of employees: 3 people. Sold by: 1 person. Accountant: 1 person. Site Administrator: 1 chel.MATERIALNYE ASSETS Equipment and property: A fully equipped shop Trade Balance: 170 000 Website rubNEMATERIALNYE ASSETS Group VK Instagram Experienced staff's customer base FINANCIALS business BIZNESAVyruchka: 700 000 rubles / business mes.Raskhody: 450 000 rubles / month .Dohodnost:


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