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Crafting a beer shop

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Crafting a beer shop


The big request to read the information, and only then arrange a viewing. I will answer the questions during the examination. Sell
It is offered a lucrative crafting store beer for sale. Preferential terms of the lease. Shop is fully equipped with the necessary equipment. Patency of more than 2,500 people a day. The presence of regular customers. Reliable suppliers providing significant discounts. Large assortment of crafting, draft and bottled beers. Advanced - Snacks, snacks, cigarettes, ice cream, coffee with them. There is a system to increase the loyalty of regular customers. Residential and office array in close proximity, generates a steady stream of new customers. There is great potential for business development and marketing for small investments. Region: Moscow Subway near Belorusskaya Price: 1.4 million rubles Net profit: 108,000 rubles / month Average Monthly Turnover: 600 000 rub Rental Price: 60 000 rub Age Business: 4 years Legal form: Interested IP call. 538614


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