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Business for attraction of virtual reality

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Business for attraction of virtual reality


Sold ready-made business - amusement virtual reality 3d - total immersion in a virtual 3d world. The attraction consists of a box
Sold ready-made business - amusement virtual reality 3d - total immersion in a virtual 3d world. The attraction consists of a box made up of the then 2 parts, steering pedals and controllers. Vdvoem.Vremya transported easily build and run 20 minutes. Time by opening and closing at least 20 minut.Bolshoy advertising booth illuminated. Main components: Game console Sony PS4Ochki virtual reality Sony PS VR.Dzhoystik, 2 wireless controller moveIgrovoy gun movements ps ps aimNaushnikiTelevizor lg full hd 32'4h channel akustikaStabilizator napryazheniyaTopovy rudder pedals thrustmaster t500rs.Gonochnoe Finnish proizvodstva.Stend chair under the seat. Full color LED backlight in a circle with the ability to change tsveta.Bolshoy selection of games is constantly popolnyaetsya.Vse game in Russian with a Russian voice acting. Interesting interactive games. Racing, Shooting, shooting, flying, children, horror, dive in a cage with sharks, visit the safari park and many drugie.Est specially prepared Promo video with all igrami.Ochen easy to setup requires no maintenance, has no problems in working for igr.Podhodit work in the trade and entertainment center at any time is also suitable for use on the beach in the evening vremya.Stend equipped with locks to protect, also has an awning for protection from the rain modeled on the size of the stand. Just give all the models of advertising that can be edited. There are 4 options for upgrading the design appearance. The reason for selling is no money for rent and the time they zanimatsya.Nahoditsya in Novomikhailovsky (Tuapse district) can be delivered over the edge. Price below cost, need money urgently. Chance of reasonable bargaining. Possible partial installments. Again amusement completely ready for operation. This is a novelty in the industry this is nowhere 3d games. The main feature - interactivity - the customer is involved in the gameplay itself. Suitable for all ages, even for children from 3 years. On the role of the operator can use any person without any technical knowledge - plug and play. The attraction has a grounding and automatic compliance with all electrical safety standards. Power Consumption less than 800 watt / chasZa additional questions, please call. There is a photo and video of the attraction in the work, I can send on request on viber whats up or e-mail. It is also possible to purchase a stand alone without elektroniki.Atraktsion worked on the sea in summer. Krsmetichesky require little maintenance. Selling price of 2 times lower than the cost of urgently needed money to repay the loan.


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