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Beer Bar store

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Beer Bar store


Shop selling products at the station Vyalkov profitable, there is no competition. Racks, refrigerators, freezers, shelves, air con
The shop is located in Vidnoe ul.Zavidnaya d.14Pomeschenie:. Rent 1000 rubles / mes.kv meter + utilities uslugi.Vypolnen redecorating, there are light signboard + sign at the end of doma.Ploschad 57 square meters. m.Oborudovanie: All equipment in excellent sostoyanii.19 cranes, large freezer, refrigerator for 2 vitriny- fish refrigerator for a bottle of beer in rent, freezer for freezing, a TV, a contact bar, 4 high bar chairs. POS-system, scales, receipt printer (online), the scanner shtrihkodov.Narabotana its base of regular customers.


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