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Store for scrapbooking and crafts

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Store for scrapbooking and crafts


Sale shop online and offline. Website Business opened 2 years ago came to the issue very seriously everyth
Sale shop online and offline. Website Business opened 2 years ago came to the issue very seriously everything is done at the highest level there is a good return 3 months ago gave birth to now there is no way to do business so I want to sell it (so sorry invested his heart and soul and things are going really well). The site is completely made from scratch at our store (the initial investment in the creation of the site - 600 000 rubles and later even made a lot of additional functionality total investment in the site (only in development not in advance) - 1.3 million rubles on the platform. Bitrix (last updated version was in July!) There is a lot of complex functionality (in our niche is the best site that has no analogues and does not go to comparison with any other). 90% of the photos of the goods (and goods on the site of more than 10000) are made by ourselves and processed in Photoshop that is they are unique (this is important for the promotion). The site implemented the system onlay-payments (12 payment methods). The site is moving more than 500 requests monthly NOT directives already for three !!! years (intentionally started promotion long before the opening!) we ranked first in Yandex Google almost 20 most frequent queries! It is well worth it we have invested in the promotion of a lot of effort and money ) We have a large base of suppliers fully provided with all the contacts introduce managers. A large base of customers not only in Russia but also in CIS countries !!! On the day we send at least 5 orders by courier to the MSC 10 and the Russian Post plus other delivery methods (peak-to-point sdek etc.). There is room for a shop of 65 square meters: a large shopping center and a separate super equipped workshop! For the workshop made to order she took into account all the details (maybe she holds a master class). In the trading room racks with merchandise (racks 200000 rubles). Remnants of goods - 1.45 million rubles for the purchase price !!! The margin on the goods 100% for a total of RC products to 3 million rubles! I give a big desktop computer with the program 1C-1C-Trade and Accounting. as well as a laptop. There are 2 offices - offline cash register in the store and Atol.Onlayn cash register for online payments. All offices are registered and operate under the new Law 154. The contract with CRF. Monthly revenues 500 000 shops - 800 000 rubles (in the New Year week - up to 1 million!) But of course requires a monthly purchase of goods updated product range matching market requirements! There is also a profile in Instagramm (live 3000 subscribers). Off-season we have - our products are relevant both in summer and winter it is our great advantage)) the price for which is given to the store I think more than reasonable - it stop you for a year - and a half. Call if you have any questions - I'll answer all your questions and give the necessary documents.


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