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Quick dates profit from 40 mp


ATTENTION! 2 weeks of consultations to launch in PODAROK.Pochemu speed dating (quick goodbye) so profitable as a business? And it
ATTENTION! 2 weeks of consultations to launch in PODAROK.Pochemu speed dating (quick goodbye) so profitable as a business? And it is the best option for the first business - Quick start: getting ready business on a date, a party was held for the next weekend - Payback 1 month, on net profit - is considered: cost 1 ticket - from 1 000 to 1 500 r, subscription -2100 p. Participants at the party from 20 to 30. The average revenue from parties - 15 TR (Part of paid participants, part of previously purchased season tickets and free of charge) Costs - 3 TR advertising, 2 tr leading (if conduct themselves, you can do without it). Do not pay rent, cafes earns zakazah.ITOGO: PROFIT - 10 TR in the evening, from 40 TR per month. In this year the income from 480 thousand. Rub. And it's working two days a week (day to gather in the evening, on the day of conduct). If you enter another age group (40+), more often and the income can be carried out will be about 60 t.r.- minimal time. Work only 5-6 hours for the whole week. No five days, can be combined with other activities, - Easy - do not need an office and staff, this business can be conducted one - obvious advantage - in this business, you can himself find your soul mate. - It's cheaper than the franchise - no need to pay the monthly payments. In the future, based on your customer base will be able to open another direction: Brides, Training Center, Psychological Center and dr.Komu fit - Anyone who wants to start their own business - Anyone who does not dare to leave their jobs but who want to own? business with income from 40 000 rub. every month, spending only 2 days in nedelyu.O US: Conduct speed dating in 2013 at our parties involved more than 5000 people. Conducted simultaneously in two cities: Moscow and St. PeterburgChto Sale - Ready site (made to order, with a photo report, application forms, a semantic core, specifically for SEO optimization) For a sample taken our site LavSeshn - quick goodbye, but the name will be yours? . If you wish, you can use our brand, if your city it is not purchased. Program to edit the site, with the help of which will be able to edit content on the site (date, time, venue) - Advertising campaigns (Yandex Direct, Google.Adwords.). Direktologom minded professional. - Program of the event (Per-party scenario c description of the rules of visits, competitions) - layouts of printed products (maps sympathies, tickets, season tickets, small) - Recommendations on search sites and negotiating with the institution on conditions favorable to you, rent free - Template (script) negotiation with the client, answers to frequently asked questions GIFT! Two weeks of consultation from the organizer of visits to St. Petersburg (4 years experience)


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