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Premium alcohol network of shops and gastronomy

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Premium alcohol network of shops and gastronomy


Selling profitable work clothes shop with an online store. Business runs since 2015 (more than 2 years!), Brings a steady income t
For sale operating for more than two years, high-end retail stores and premium alcohol gastronomii.Set consists of four stores located in popular TRK St. Peterburga.Magaziny located on the first floor, floor space of 102.4 square meters. m., 93.7 sq. m., 88.34 sq. m., 105.8 sq. m.Zaklyucheny long-term lease agreement, the total value of the lease 1.5 million rubles in mesyats.Imeyutsya mortgage payments in the amount of 2.4 million rubley.Torgovoe equipment and furniture required for the work of the four retailers, including: cash, extinguishing box, refrigerated sideboards , wine cabinets, refrigerators for caviar, a video surveillance system with remote access, television. It is an expensive repair in the corporate style with the involvement of the best interior designers. The total cost of equipment and maintenance 12.5 million rubles. Registered two domain imeni.Zaregistrirovanny znak.Poluchena trademark license for retail trade alkogolem.Shtat fully equipped with 16 staff members, 6 upravlentsev.Narabotano own customer base, customers are secured cards loyalnosti.Kontakty suppliers of goods on favorable terms (under implementation in installments) .obsuzhdaetsya business purchase in installments. The purchase of shares (partnership) .Garantiruetsya support and / or co-management business in the agreed by the parties srok.Chistaya confirms profit after deduction of all expenses, is 1.5 million rubles in mesyats.Mozhete now be found with other objects ready for sale on our company website Agency YOUR COMPANY business.


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