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Sale online hypermarket PUP.RU - good shopping portal the price domena.Prinadlezhit me since 2001. Features: - Maintaining zakazov
Sale online hypermarket PUP.RU - good shopping portal the price domena.Prinadlezhit me since 2001. Features: - Maintaining zakazov- doprodazhi- SMS informing customers be e-mail informing rassylki- and analysis of prices and profit-market-integration with Yandex Google Merchant- integration with couriers IML Grastin- processing of orders for Russian Post subject pochty- IDs built-in geolocation system and KLADR- 1S- integration with Google analytics system Yandex- system skidok- support wholesale zakazov.- dropshiping- lendingov- support online chat with posetitelyami- reverse zvonokBaza & gt 58000 customers to make a purchase in a store. + 1000 optovikov.Server is in Germany to rent - 50 euros per month. The server runs its own IP telephony server which hosted his Call-center and the system call back to sayta.Otdayu also: - Operating manager's position - material handling equipment (shelving) .- cash balances (about 200 000 rubles.) - back office server - XEON dual-processor server on which the system is located under the 1C modified to work with Internet-enabled printer magazinom- bilateral pechati- shtrihkodov- Scanner label printer system provides automatic printing of all documentation labels with bar codes automated system for collecting orders ki (reading and processing of bar codes on invoices orders returns printing decals and tsenikov automatically sent to the courier service automated goods procurement system) Together with the site given all contacts addresses secret passwords suppliers in Moscow and China contacts delivery services. Averaged data for god.Trafik: Visitors per day ~ 500.37% - Yandex Market63% - Organic traffic + direct zahodyNa Currently the magazine is running at minimum speed without promotion comes an average of 18 orders per day are sent 12 orders the average check 1800 rub (with delivery) Wed profit order: 770 r.Vyruchka: ~ 650 thousand / mes.Valovaya profit: ~ 375 thousand / mesRaskhody:. Advertising at the moment - 30 thousand per month.. (Only Yandex market) salaries to employees:. 70 thousand rubles. (Manager (50 thousand) the operator on the phone remotely (20 thousand) Payment for server support IP telephony remote admin work -. 12 thousand in the Remote programmer mes.Oplata payable on man-hours on average - 3 thousand in mes.Arenda warehouse -. 20 thousand / mes.Oplata services courier service IML and mail Russia are ~ 100000 rubles per month Taxes (USN) -. 20 thousand. /mes.Itogo expenses: 265 thousand / mes.Chistaya profit per month ~ 110 thousand This is if we do nothing.. Payback period ~ 12 mes.Otdayu good hands for a reason a complete change of occupation. If desired you can easily store it easy to raise performance to invest in advertising and development.


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