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Many real estate wholesale and retail

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Many real estate wholesale and retail


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__Apteka owned 75m2, ceiling height of 4.1 meters, has 6 years, brings 250-380 000 rubles a month, clean, seasonal summer and winter, situated at the main entrance to the store Magnet, pictured left. This cost includes: the goods by 2 million, automation equipment and all replaced by new, LLC c perpetual license to trade in medicines. Staffed: 1 pharmacist, 2 pharmacist, accountant, pay 40 000 rubles Price 11 million.! Price lowered below nowhere _____________________________________________________ .Mogu change Pharmacies real estate in Sochi! By the proposal. __Pri exchange can pay myself! .__ Pharmacy is located in the city of Vladimir. Vladimir was a multiple increase in real estate prices in Sochi, and the yield of the same! For example, such equipped pharmacy in the city of Sochi will cost to 30 million.. __Prekrasnoe offer if it does not matter how 'pump' money for you. _______________________________________________________.__ Just offer to sell or exchange for Sochi, wholesale or retail their property in the city of Vladimir. Can you pay, if necessary, in the exchange of wholesale and retail ..__ House in the heart of the city of Vladimir 200 m2, on 2 acres. Spent $ 340,000, give for 10 million.! House for rent for luxury stay tourists. In any online resource type white-washed house in the center of Vladimir, is on the booking. In the New Year brings a million a month. Other months 000 100-300 rubles. Vladimir is the oldest tourist town Golden Ring of Russia. Near the city of Suzdal, Yaroslavl, Moscow (center) 165 km.Vmeste sell the house project - concept of the company 'Governor tourism Traktorishka', a project that is already working in the city of Vladimir. Please look at the booking this project under the same name, in the same place and tourists rent this house called 'white-washed house in the center Vladimira'Tsena 10 million. !!!. __Kstati, while showing interest in my property, you can upon arrival to live in this house with full rights guests) .__ Just offer in Vladimir in exchange for Sochi: __ The hotel complex is 1000 m2, Suzdal 4 houses, 62 hundred square meters, the gas! water, sanitation did, the price of 15 million. Invested was twice as much and perhaps even more, the last 5 photos !!! __ building in the city 3100 m2 for 10,000 rubles / m2! 2005, average repair is right on the highway - the M7 Vladimir - Moscow, 50 acres. Everything in the lease, the flow of 630,000 rubles. maintenance costs and taxes 140 000 rbl. / month ..__ As land in the center of the city, 4 hundred square meters with a building permit until 2027, of 580 m2, all utilities at the site, under the hotel, 1st floor trading, for 5 million, by the way a similar plot in Vladimir with this set of documents worth to 10 million. It is located in a row of buildings and centers cost from 250 mln. to 1 billion! __Kvartira in the sleeping area 72 m2 - 2,5 __Uchastok 49 million hectares under Vladimir -. Territory on rivers, lakes, and mixed softwood forest - 9.99 Mill.


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