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Building online store / 5 years, 50-80 Coll. / Mo

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Building online store / 5 years, 50-80 Coll. / Mo


For sale operating system, online store door hardware, electrical, lighting, flooring, faucets and bathroom accessories (categorie
For sale operating system, online store door hardware, electrical, lighting, flooring, faucets and bathroom accessories (categories can be extended). Shop successfully operating for more than 4.5 years and major brands included in the top of the best dealers in Moscow and Moscow Region. Built on a platform of 1C Bitrix Small Business with a lot of connected modules to improve sales. More than 2 years of successful experience on Yandex Market, a lot of reviews from real customers (not purchased how many) .Unikalnye tovarov.Odni texts and descriptions of the most attractive prices for the products. Working with two of the award points in Moscow. In addition to retail buyers a lot of applications from legal entities. During his time there were constant wholesale clients (construction firms, private designers, shops) being accounting, sales statistics. Exclusive discounts and deferred conditions in major postavschikov.Stroitelny segment of the Internet is growing steadily, unlike many other nish.Kak works: To store management staff do not need people, office, a lot of costs, and so the whole process of controls 1-2 people). all goods bought by the customer! It has no expiration date, no moral ustarevaniya.Natsenka of goods by 10% - 70%. We go to the vendor collects the goods and takes the client, and all profit: At the moment, one person handles between 50 - 80 orders per month, the turnover from 350 000 to 600 000, the proceeds of 80 000 - 130 000 rubles!. Now the whole turnover is only mixers and fittings and to advertise other categories, respectively, and increase circulation. In November, 900,000 rubles) was 16 years (really helped with 1 person to process orders) Cost: 990 rubles 2 rubles hosting850 phone (495 urban and NL) 12 000 rubles advertising (Yandex, Begun) 2 000 SEOChto need to work: PI or OOORaschetny account to work with legal entities (many orders BN) Sale of person (the owner ), I am not a broker or agency. The reason for selling - pass on the coveted position on gos.sluzhbu and have no right to do business. Unfortunately entrust relatives or friends does not work (not potyanut.Idealen as a family variant (actual or created, but divorced) .Odnomu difficult to maintain more 7-10 orders a day can not cope, so ideally 2-3 cheloveka.Magazin well-known in the construction environment and customers constantly recommend ego.Podskazazhu that need to connect to even more sales, I do not have time to sdelat.Potentsial - turnover of at least 1.5 million rubles / mesTsena - 590 000 only until the end of December. Exchange / barter is not interesting. The price includes the site, all of the customer database, all the agreements and achievements by suppliers (discounts, delay), all developments on the site, contact the programmers, content managers, web hosting and payment phones for 2 weeks, the necessary renewal of the domain and dop.akkauntovP. S Shop is absolutely real, and work is not obmanom.Pervye 2-3 weeks can help (that will teach and how to introduce suppliers treated with orders).


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