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As they say in the old days: the thunder breaks out - peasant will not perekrestitsya. Ya have long understood the simple truth that anticipate and control unless written differently, and in other - almost synonyms. With one exception. The exception is in action ... in the adopted on the basis of understanding of the situation, possible in the future, informed decision and immediately his incarnation, in fact and in due obome.SRAZU! But with these problems arise ... and often a lot. Unfortunately - for many. I myself am no exception, unfortunately. And plenty of their own experience, and how many in someone else's eye straws observed! Y-yes ... izryadno.Ne being totally foreign to the analysis, I find it interesting to analyze the bones happened (and yourself - a favorite, and with other people, sometimes not so favorite), although not always it was funny or fun. But helpful - always. Watching the obvious - a golden key analysis. Sooner or later, but the observation of the facts without prejudice and turbid other interests sight, gives the same opportunity to capture the essence. And if you have enough patience and perseverance to go in this until the end - and then check. And be sure. And get such a rare condition is now I know!. At the time, Archimedes expressed this idea by another name, but that's not important - the idea is the same. It's almost the heroism of our times total brainwashing of society with self-serving, and often very low-lying objectives of certain groups of influential people, but I happened to get such results, and it is - with nothing comparable to the state of clarity and knowledge. Thank God, and not in the aforesaid raz.Vot topic this time was. reigns limit and even showy conservatism in today's business world, hence the word stupid to use as something not very convenient ... let it be so called - irrationality .Neratsionalnost.Kstati and called one of the articles in the series DATA, in which its author - L. Ron Hubbard, a brilliant theoretician and practitioner of the most advanced of all existing management systems - as precisely and succinctly outlined the essence of this phenomenon in the business. And not only in business. Expensive, I would have given to be familiar with this knowledge BEFORE itself and in their own skin experienced the consequences of the lack of adequate competence in the field of people management As is usually the case, it's simple - when fully understood. Here and there, when confidence in the correctness of the decision is (which also has extraordinary value), and the delay in its implementation can not be. And it's not usually the case, no one ... and this has nothing to do with intelligence, luck, or charisma. In short journalistic article is difficult to give a comprehensive picture, then it is better to refer to the source, but if in a nutshell, for the decision (any decision!) Required at least some no, but the score. And no matter how this estimate was, differently it is based on a comparison of something with something else. One question - what answer is also one - with something similar and comparable in magnitude. Relevance to the theme of the decisions and perceived differences. In short! - it is necessary something to compare ... and that's the point. And the essence of the head that he knows exactly what to compare. He has, as he often and creates. And it's just the way from his point of view ... what exactly should be the state of affairs that these things were going well and in the right direction. Again, it from his point of view. For this name exists in the management of technology - a picture perfect. And by the way, everyone, without exception, smart managers and business owners with whom I could communicate, such was. A clear, distinct and precise. And the most successful, regardless of their scale of operation, and more is described in the paper. They do not have to think before embarking on action - they have already thought about it and pozabotilis.Lyubimy Jewish toast is: May God grant us to be smart rear Russian mind As stated in the aforementioned article, I h . Ron Hubbard - a man goes astray to the extent that he was unable to develop the perfect picture. Council's ability to: Management - is an art ... but it can and should learn. There is no need to please the enemies and competitors.